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Tumblr Tuesday: Food

Sandwich Monsters
When your parents told you not to play with your food, what they were really saying was that they didn’t believe in you enough to become a true sandwich artist and run a successful food art blog.

Fred Flakes
You never really thought about the life of cheese outside of the context of your crackers, and that’s why you’re getting a divorce and losing custody of your golden retriever.

Deli Grossery
There is something very noble about the persistence of bodega artwork. It doesn’t bow to the latest advertising fads, nor adhere to any sort of particular aesthetic. It is undeniably in its own sun-bleached category.

Bento Diary
Dear Diary, *takes picture of food*

Taco or Beer Challenge
Choose to drink a beer, or choose to eat a taco. Or choose both, and then donate to a pro-choice fund of your choosing.

Photo via sandwichmonsters

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